Chris Cook

My wife and I spent 12 days with Bossie and the team hunting and fishing and until this trip to Africa, Thailand had been our favorite destination but I think thanks to the team at Limpopo Big Game Safaris Thailand is now our second favorite destination. If you’ve read the other reports you know Bossie will do everything he can to get you the animal you want and it is a pleasure to hunt with him but a lot of guys over look how enjoyable this trip can be for their wives also. My wife doesn’t hunt, she enjoys going but doesn’t have any interest in taking game. I made this clear to Bossie as I didn’t want her to just be sitting around. The entire team treated her like a queen and made sure she was always comfortable and had what she needed. The lodge is five star and no matter how demanding a wife would be I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t be comfortable here.

Each hunt she had the option of going on the stalk or staying with Betheul, the driver, she enjoyed her talks with him and they often would see game from the truck while we were on the stalk. She also went on some short stalks and it was good for her to see what we do and Bossie always welcomed her on the stalks.

There is no shortage of game on any of Bossie’s properties and seeing game to photograph and the scenery was a great experience for her. Bossie can arrange for trips to the elephant park or even Kruger if needed but honestly we enjoyed seeing the game on the ranches. Every property is like going on a game drive, the amount of animals is amazing. I strongly encourage anyone to bring their wives on the trip, the team at LBG Safaris will ensure they are taken care of. Young DJ will supply plenty of entertainment and the knowledge you can gain from the hunting team is priceless. They never got tired of my questions and were always eager to show me things in the bush I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. LBG Safaris was more than just a hunting trip for us, it was an experience we will remember for the rest of our lives. I can’t thank them enough for making it the trip of a lifetime and Mary Ann has already started planning our return.