I just got back from an awesome 7 day hunting adventure with Bossie Mostert from www.LBGSafaris.com

Can't thank them enough for a great trip. Bossie, Henriette, and their son DJ were a bunch of fun to be around.
We were mostly hunting culls, as the main farm of around 6000 acres, has too many impala, wildebeest, zebra and waterbuck.
But Bossie insisted this would not be a sit and shoot type deal. We would have to stalk each and every critter we took.
I ended up taking 15 total animals and we averaged 10 - 15 miles on foot each day. Tracking, stalking, recovering, etc...

Some tough, almost primitive hunting and it was awesome.
I ended up taking 2 trophy impala males, 1 trophy kudu (from up in the mountains) 5 zebras, 4 impala females, and 3 wildebeest females.
The Waterbuck cows eluded me(although not for a lack of trying :(, I was pretty dialed in with Bossie's rifle (7x57 Mauser, but I missed my shots
on Waterbuck)

Here are a few pics

First one down was a female impala
This day, We put in over 10 miles on foot this morning and saw several animals, but they are very tough to get close to, let
alone get a good shot on.

Right at noon, we spotted some zebra a mile away and put a stalk on them

About 15 in the herd, and they kept moving
Finally got a window to shoot and got a nice mare.

Also got a trophy impala on a stalk just after lunch... I tried to go-pro video this one, but not sure how it turned out due to the
Mountain trip on day 5 and 6

Day two in the mountains after a long, hot day one.
Saw a nice bull on day one, but he was at 400 yds and walking away in a nasty cross wind. PH and I both felt like that would be a poor shot to take, even though it
was clear shooting lane.

Day 2

We climbed 2 miles up the mountains and over 1000 ft of elevation to get to a back bowl area where most people won't/don't go. We were hoping to find a bull in
this remote valley.
One of the trackers spotted him from over 400 yds away, with no binoculars to boot, He was hidden under a tree and I still don't know how our tracker saw him as I
could barely find him with my bino's.

We waited over an hour for him to move due to high winds and it turns out he was with 2 other bulls, but you could rarely ever see them due to the dense cover.

When they finally moved, the biggest one stopped one a rock while quartering away. I was able to take a 280 yd shot from across on another hillside
Had to lay prone in the rocks and grass to get the shot away
Double lung shot and he ran 100 yds down in the bowl.
I was so full of adrenaline I completely missed my follow up shot
But the first one had found its mark and he was down for good.

Took us four hours to pack him out
The guys with us were amazing!!
Not a scrap of meat left on the mountain

Thanks to Bossie Mostert and his crew from they were top notch and worked their butts off for me.

Longest kill shot I have ever made and one of the toughest and most rewarding hunts of my life
Two big zebra mares and a wildebeest female I named Hildabeest
Day 4 started in a bad way as I wounded two animals, on the first shot of the day. I took a bad shot on an impala and broke her front leg.
(PH had me in the right position, but I yanked the shot and she got away. She was running well, but I doubt she survived. After that, we
found a herd of zebra and stalked them for an hour to get a shot, I was shooting from a tree top and thought I had a clear shot, but must
have missed some branches that deflected the bullet and it hit him way in the back of his guts. We didn't find blood for 400 yds, so we got
the dogs and the tracker..followed his prints for 4 miles until after lunch, finally caught up to him with the dog and he turned broadside for
me to finish him off, but in my full sprint run chasing the dog and the PH, I had put the gun on safety to avoid shooting the PH in the back.
So, when we got on the sticks to shoot, I pulled the trigger, but had forgotten to take it off safety... So, no shot fired and the zebra ran off
again... We tried to track him, but were unable to... They found him dead a few days later frown

After lunch, I was able to pull my self out of the morning low and we chased animals all afternoon. Finally got this Wildebeest right before
dark from 205 yds while using a tree trunk as my shooting brace.
Day 7, I connected on an impala female and missed my final shot on a waterbuck cow...

I will definitely go back... if nothing else, just to kill a darned waterbuck cow... and maybe a baboon too,
(darn things bark at you in the mountains and give away your position)

thanks for reading..

Saw these giraffe on the mountain too
Cool animals out in the wild