Today we went back to the spot where I was attacked by the

Since the attack, I had some memory loss of what exactly
happened and how it all went down, in order for me to put all the
pieces together I had to visit the sight.

Johan Klopper my soon to be father in law was going to lead the
investigation. With his experience as a Professional Hunter, field
guide and game ranger he was the right guy for the job....and
indeed he was.

Ronel Klopper Pieterse took pictures as Johan led the

With me was my two trackers Roberto Nadinho Chisaze
Unoridini and Bethuel Mathoko who was also present on the day
of the attack.

So in a nutshell, what happened was the following; Myself,
Robert and Bethuel were following the wounded Buffalo for
several hours on Friday morning 5 April 2019.

At one point we saw the bull standing in the cover of a big Marula
tree. Betuel and I were both carrying rifles. I was armed with my
416 Rigby in a Ruger MK II and Bethuel had a 375H&H. As with
all wounded game, we had to make sure sure the buffalo we had
seen was the wounded one, only when the bull had seen us could
we confirm that it was the right bull. Both Bethuel and I each fired
a shot, both shots hit home but a little high and a little back.

The game was on and we had to act quick (BIGGEST MISTAKE
# 2) the first biggest mistake I made was to keep following the
wounded buffalo on foot without a second Professional hunter as
back up. This was where I should have waited for the backup
team that were on their way with the tracking dogs.

In our pursuit the bull had found cover behind a thick razon bush
brush line. With that much brush between us and the Buffalo,
there was no way we could have visual on him. The Buffalo
started his charge from about 50 yards and out of sight, only
when he reached the end of the brush line did we see him. It was
too late and he was now only 4 meters from us in a full charge at
an estimated speed of 50km/31Miles per hour.

I fired a shot through the brush while Bethuel fired another in an
straight line, My bullet hit some branches on the way and struck
the bull high on the neck, no idea where Bethuel hit him.

I quickly reloaded, but at this point my gun would not feed as the
safety had switched position and prevented the bolt from
opening. Bethuel short stroke the 375 and caused his gun to jam
as well.

The Buffalo was now on top of me. With a jammed rifle in hand
and nothing I could do, I took the bull by the horns. He knocked
me over and got me on the side with his horn. I grabbed him
again and held him even tighter.

This is here I realized I was in plenty of trouble, all I could do was
to pray.

LORD JESUS CHRIST........YOU can't take me today........Please
help me and save my life.....DJ is too small to grow up without a

At this point I could hear a voice answer back and say......"FIND

I let go of the Buffalo and we both looked at each other.

I saw the bull take two steps back and lined me up. He came at
me and when he dropped his horns I lift my feet. That was when
he got me on the leg.....He lined me up again and did the same.
This time he hit me under my feet and pushed me
back......exactly what I wanted. He came a third time and again
he pushed me deeper into the bush. So much so that I was in the
bush where he couldn't get me.

He stood over me and smelled me......again I
prayed....LORD....Please help me.....again I heard the
voice...."LIE STILL" I closed my eyes and prayed again.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the bull leaving and that was when
everyone could come closer to help me.

Bethuel called Herman Annette Scheepers, a friend of mine of
the radio while I called my doctor to tell him to get ready and wait
for me at the emergency room. The second call I made was to
Chris Venter to tell him what had happened and call another
doctor. I then called Ronel Klopper Pieterse to tell her the
following......"MY love....I love you....I am OK but the Buffalo got

By this time Herman Annette Scheepers had arrived and the
guys helped me out from under the bush. I got into Herman's
vehicle and we took off to the ER.

Today I am most grateful for being alive and I thank GOD for
saving my life.

Non of this has anything to do with luck....It is all by GOD's Grace
and Mercy that I am still here today to tell you the story.

I want to thank each and everyone for the prayers you have sent
up for me. You have no idea how much it means to me to know I
have so many family out there who will step in at any given time
in life.