Come and experience the beauty and intelligence of Elephants in a close-up interaction.
Please note that since this is an educational and research facility, every booking includes a hands-on interaction.

$ 80.00 per adult.
$ 50.00 per child (under 12)

A close, personal and safe encounter with 7 gentle giants in the hands of  
knowledgeable handlers. The Elephants stand under shade on soft mats for


Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Starting times:
08h00 (Summer) 08h30 (Winter) *
12h00 and 15h00

ELEPHANT BACK SAFARI (including interaction)

$150.00 per adult.
$120.00 per child (under 12, no children under 4)

Elephants can carry 25% of their body weight comfortably. The rides are a
maximum of 30 minutes through the bush on ergonomic, soft saddles for the
elephants' comfort.


Duration: Approx 1.5 to 2 hours depending on numbers
Starting times:
08h00 (Summer)  08h30 (Winter) *


$ 85.00 per person.

This experience is an add on after the educational interaction or safari, where
you accompany the herd up to the top dam to watch the herd swimming while
you relax with a soft drink and some light snacks on the observation deck.

You will have the opportunity to spend some intimate time with some of these
majestic Elephants in the water, while brushing & bathing them (with a bit of
splashing thrown in). There are also great photo opportunities where you can
pose with the elephants mud bathing and swimming in the background.


This is an add-on activity to the standard Educational Interaction or Safari.

Limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Participants must be 12 years of age or older as well as be physically fit.

Children under the age of 18 must to be accompanied by an adult.

Duration: 12h00 - 14h30 (inclusive of the standard activities).

Booking is essential.