In a continuous effort to provide, topmost hunting areas and trophy quality game to our hunters, Limpopo Big Game Safaris signed a 5-year hunting agreement in the Kalahari.

Limpopo Big Game Safaris now offers access to 75,000 acres of untouched beautiful landscape in the Kalahari, North West Province, South Africa. The Molopo Private Reserve is situated in one of the most isolated and remote locations of the country. The terrain offers our hunters an unforgettable, treasure-able hunting experience and an unspoiled Africa adventure. The Molopo river runs through the reserve and in it’s mid the river forms a significant piece of the border between Botswana and South Africa. This piece of paradise allows you to track and hunt, without the visibility of fences for days on end. The animals on quota for trophy hunting, cannot be describe other than overwhelming.

This is one of the very scarce, preserved areas in South Africa where hunters can pursue a natural wild managed Lion. 15 years ago, the owner introduced 15 adult Lions to the reserve. Today they have bred naturally, survived in a free-range, un-captive environment and thrived on their hunting grounds since 2005, and have been self-sustainable ever since. Limpopo Big Game Safaris, with our proven track record of hunting and a solid believe that hunting is conservation, can now offer our hunters the opportunity to hunt a Wild Managed Lion on a strict quota base.

It is imperative for us to re-iterate, that the hunt, is NOT a Wild Lion Hunt, it is NOT a CBL or Put & Take Hunt, this hunt is for a Wild MANAGED Lion Hunt. Re-emphasizing, that the hunt is managed, and that strict quotas apply, only adult males, no longer part of a pride will be hunted and a selected few Lionesses are also listed on limited quota.

Keeping within the ethical culture, conservation policies of this reserved piece of land, only a selective number of hunters, supportive of ethical hunting and the appreciation of nature’s wildlife, thriving on the adventure of a true fair chase hunt will be invited every year. The usual Kalahari Plains Game is to be found in abundance on the reserve, whilst Buffalo, Rhino, Sable, Roan, Leopard, Cheetah, Brown Hyena, and smaller carnivores occur in healthy numbers. Whilst on Safari, you are privileged to add to your list additional trophies, whether it is Plains Game such as Sable, Roan, Kudu, Eland, Gemsbuck or Springbuck. Limpopo Big Game Safari will also compile additional packages should your preference be to exclusively hunt Buffalo or Plains Game as an example.

All trophy animals, including Lions are exportable, however, the following countries do not currently allow the importation of Lions. Australia France USA and the Netherlands TRAVELING You will fly to Johannesburg OR Tambo International airport and overnight at the African Sky or Afton Safari Lodge. The next morning you and your guide will travel to the reserve. The road is a comfortable 8 Hour drive, ALTHOUGH long, IT IS WELL WORTH THE TRAVEL. A Charter plane can be arranged on request


Accommodation and Hunting fee

Hunter 1×1
EURO 300. 00 per day
USD 350.00 per day
CAD 470.00 per day

Hunter 2×1
EURO 250. 00 per day
USD 300.00 per day
CAD 400.00 per day

EURO 200. 00per day
USD 230.00 per day

Rifle Hire
EURO 43. 00 per day
USD 50.00 per day
CAD 67.00 per day

Airport transfer from OR Tambo
EURO 850.00
USD 990.00
CAD 1325.00

Accommodation Includes
01. Service of a Licensed Professional Hunter
02. The service of trained trackers
03. The service of trained skinners
04. Hunting vehicle
05. Field preparation of trophies
06. Accommodation, meals and soft drinks as well as beer and wine in moderation
07. Daily laundry service
08. Airport meet and great at OR Tambo

Accommodation do not include
01. All air travel before and after the contracted period of the Safari
02. Accommodation and travel charges incurred before and after the contracted period of the Safari
03. Transfer by road from Johannesburg international airports to camp.
04. Trophy fees for animals taken or wounded
05. All air charters
06. Preparation, packing, documentation and export of trophies

  • While on Safari you will be accommodated in the Molopo Private Reserve 4 Star lodge.
  • The Lodge can accommodate a total of 14 guests at max capacity.
  • Each room has it’s own private bathroom with running hot water.
  • All rooms are fitted with air conditioning and WiFi service is available throughout the lodge.
  • A qualified chef will prepare all meals and snacks that will be served in the dining room where you can sit, relax and enjoy the meals.
  • At the end of the day, you can spend time by the outdoor pool, or share the day’s adventure around a star-lit camp fire while listening to the distant roar of a Lion or the call of a Black Back Jackal.

A Self Sustained Lion On A Fresh Buffalo Kill

Proud Male With Four Lionesses & A Lion Cub

Two Lioness's, a cub and young male walking down the road.

A fine example of two Lions that are not part of a pride