South African Mountain Kudu Hunt

Dates: May 1-10, 2017

Hunt Area: Northern Limpopo Province/Soutpansberg Mountains

Safari Outfitter: Bossie Mostert – Limpopo Big Game Safaris
PH: Freddie Van Zyl

Rifle: 300 Jarrett using 200 grain Nosler partition bullets

Optics: Scope – Swarovski 4-16 TDS

Binos – Swarovski 10 X 42 with rangefinder

Thomas Derbyshire

I spend a lot of time on the website ACCURATE RELOADING reading about stories that hunters have written about their most recent hunting adventures throughout the world. Last year on discounted hunts I read about an outfitter Limpopo Big Game Safaris who was advertising hunting kudu that push 58″ and up. I knew that this was a possibility and there are no sure things in hunting. I e-mailed Bossie Mostert and asked if he had any openings in May. Kudu rut in the month of May. The first ten days of May were open so I booked those days for my kudu hunt. I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy hunt as we would be hunting up in the mountains in northern South Africa out of Louis Trichardt. Kudu are my favorite animal in Africa to hunt. A 60″ kudu is comparable to a 400″ bull elk, or a 200″ mule deer. Not many hunters have been lucky enough to have any of the three. I arrived in camp the last day of April. Little did I know that I would be the only hunter in camp for the entire hunt. Freddie Van Zyl would be my PH for the first part of the week. We would be hunting in the mountains near Louis Trichardt for big kudu. In order to shoot an exceptional bull you must be willing to pass on smaller bulls. With so much rain that this area had, had over the previous months, the bush was very dense and green. These bulls like very rocky areas so the hunter must be very careful not to fall and get hurt. The second morning we were tracking a big kudu track. We jumped him in some thick bush but by the time that I found him with the sun in my face and scope my two shots weren’t good. On the way back to the rig I fell and cut my right knee about an inch below the knee cap. I sliced open my pants and my leg. Freddie to me to his doctor in town and I received four stitches. My bill came to $85. The rest of the day was spent back in camp taking it easy. The next couple of days we hunted some other areas that weren’t so rugged and rocky. We were seeing from five to six bulls everyday but not the real big one that I was looking for. Bossie Mostert of Limpopo Big Game Safaris arrived in camp on the fifth or sixth day of the hunt. My knee was much better so we traveled about three hours from camp and spent two days hunting kudu in another area. We saw a couple of 55″ kudu but passed on them as we still had a few days left in the hunt. During the time I had two PH’s with me, Freddie and Bossie. We then went back of our regular camp and spent the remaining day hunting the mountains near Louis Trichardt. On the last day I shot a very old bull who had worn off all his ivories. His right ear had a hole in it from fighting and it was festered up. This bull was 52″. In the ten days of our hunting we saw over sixty kudu bulls. Most of them were in the 250-400 yard range. Of those sixty I could have shot twenty to twenty-five of them. Again I was looking for something in the high fifties. The bull that I missed the second day was in that category. This was my sixth trip to Africa hunting. I can say that this was my best hunting trip ever in Africa. Both PH’s were very knowledgeable about the game that we saw. We saw lots of animals besides just kudu. The accommodations were outstanding. The food was five star. You couldn’t have gone to a restaurant and ordered off the menu and have gotten better food. Being the only hunter in camp for the entire hunt, I was spoiled rotten. I have just booked another trip for the last ten days of May in 2018 for big mountain kudu with the same outfitters. Everyone in camp spoke good English. Freddie and Bossie were always looking after me not only in camp but out on the hunt. They were very funny and we all shared lots of laughs. We were all up at dark and came back at dark. They gave the hunter the full meal deal. If you are looking for a great hunt check out LIMPOPO BIG GAME SAFARIS