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Balla-Balla Concession

• Situated deep in the breath-taking, Soutpansberg Mountains, lies our remote Balla-Balla camp. The camp is primarily used as a fly-camp while
hunting for HUGE Kudu and Predators.
• The hunting area mainly consist of Mountains, gorges and sandy flats.
• Limpopo Big Game Safaris has been hunting Balla-Balla since 2009 and has perfected the skills to hunt Kudu exceeding 58”
• Rifle as well as Bow Hunting can be done, either on Walk and Stalk or from or well-structured Bow blinds.
• The concession is privately owned and Limpopo Big Game Safaris has the exclusive right to hunt predators such as, Honey Badger, Civet Cat,
Caracal, Genet and African Wild Cat. We also have the exclusive right to Hunt Leopard but due to the unavailability of permits there will be no Leopard
hunting till further notice.
• On your Safari you can expect to see, Klipspringer, Sharpes Grysbok, Mountain Reedbuck, Red Hartebeest, Nyala, Bushbuck, Blue Wildebeest,
Buffalo and Zebra just to name a few.
• The Balla-Balla concession is one of the very few concessions in Limpopo that offers Mountain Zebra hunting.
The area is known for its top class Southern Greater Kudu and brath-taking terrain
All our rifle hunting is done on foot and our bow hunters can enjoy an action packed day at our well structured Bow blinds, overlooking a watering-hole,
mineral blocks and alfalfa
With an abundance of plains game, usually comes an abundance of predators. Our Balla-Balla concession is a very good example.
The concession is literally loaded with predators. It is home to Leopard, Brown Hyena, Honey Badger, Civet Cats, Genets and African Wild Cats.
3 Star Lodging 6 Star Hunting