Prepare yourself for a Safari you will never forget.

01.  Hunting boots, already broken in NOT NEW
02.  Fanny pack or backpack to carry cameras, daily items you will use out in the field.
03.  Comfortable camp or tennis shoes.
04.  Socks – 4 pair.
05.  Underwear – 4 pair.
06.  Hunting shorts – 2 pair  – Camo is okay, as are dull colors such as khaki or olive.
07.  Medium weight hunting jacket.
08.  Long sleeve hunting shirts – 2 each.
09. Short sleeve hunting shirts – 2 each.
10. Rain jacket.
11. Hunting hat – I prefer baseball style but, whatever is comfortable.
12. Pajamas.
13. Traveling clothes – 1 pair.
14. Leather gloves – 1 pair – Take at least 1 pair of working gloves.
15. A good pair of sunglasses.
16. Personal toiletries / shaving kit.
17. Tweezers – lots of thorns in Africa!
18. Insect repellent – bugs are not a problem, but a small can is good insurance.
19. Lip balm – very important!
20. Visine eye drops.
21. Sun block.
22. Sinus medication.
23. Dramamine – This is suggested if you are prone to car or air sickness.
24. Lotion.
25. Small flashlight.
26. Small talcum powder.
27. Malaria tablets - please visit your local Doctor for the best advice.


1. Current Passport.
2. Tickets & reservations – Read reservation instructions such as early confirmation times, check-in and departure times
3. Cash or credit card for trophy fees/safari cost.


*NOTE:  Please check with airlines on requirements for traveling with firearms!
2. Ammunition at least 40 rounds per rifle.
3. Binoculars, at least 8X or 10X – not the tiny compact models.
4. Ear plugs –  for sighting in your gun.
5. Gun cleaner – 1 can.
6. Hard gun case that will lock, with your name and address on it.
7. Soft case - for travelling between concessions - legal requirement
8. Please note that no Automatic or Semi-Automatic rifle may be imported to South Africa.
9. Please note no 2 rifles of the same caliber per client may be imported to South Africa.


1. Good 35 mm camera and lots of film or high quality digital camera.
2. Extra battery for camera/flash.
3. Video camera with charger and plenty of tape.
4. Good supply of reading material.
5. Pocket knife.

(Adobe reader required to down load some documents)
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But as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD  (JOSHUA 24:15)
VORTEX the trusted name for OPTICS in Africa
                      Why I chose VORTEX ! !

It is winter in Africa and we are in the peak of the hunting season. I
had a hunter from the US that had a quest for hunting night critters
in the Soupansberg Mountain with me.

Dates were set, baits were hung and the hunter arrived at Polokane

Several days into our hunt we had our first Honey Badger on bait.
We set out to spend the night in the blind, so off we went. Half way
to the bait station we stopped to take a leak and recheck our

Flash Light....CHECK
Night Vision....CHECK
2way radio....CHECK
Bino's....CHE....????? Couldn't find them anywhere.

There wasn't much time and light faded fast so we carried on to the
bait and got into the blind.
I called my tracker on the radio and told him to look for my bino's.

Needless to say, he couldn't find them.

We didn't get a Honey Badger that nigh so we headed back to
camp. The next morning I sent my tracker to check the bait and look
for my bino's where we had stopped before going to the blind.

He found them and I was ecstatic, but then he broke the news. a
Brown Hyena beat him to the bino's and they were bitten and

Being in the middle of peak hunting season there was no way I could
beal with a claim then. I kept on using the deformed pair of VORTEX
binoculars for another 3 months before contacting the VORTEX
agent in Durban (South Africa).

I told them what had happened and in return they sent me the claim
form via email.
I filled out the claim for and sent them the damaged pair, within 3
days I received a call form Andrew at WHYLO Distributors who
informed me that they were sending me a brand new pair of
VORTEX Diamondback 8 x 42 binoculars.

I have been using VORTEX for the past 5 years and I will never buy
any other optic product ever again.

Thanks to the WHYLO crew and VORTEX for keeping up to their

"Our VIP warranty is about you, not us. It's about taking care
of you after the sale.

VIP stands for a Very Important Promise to you, our customer.
We will repair or replace your Vortex product in the event it
becomes damaged or defective—at no charge to you. If we
cannot repair your product, we will replace it with a product
in perfect working order of equal or better physical condition.

You see, it doesn't matter how it happened, whose fault it
was, or where you purchased it. You can count on the VIP
Warranty for all Vortex Optics riflescopes, prism scopes, red
dots, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, and

 Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
 Fully transferable
 No warranty card to fill out
 No receipt needed to hang on to

If you ever have a problem, no matter the cause, we promise
to take care of you"

Bossie Mostert
Limpopo Big Game Safaris
South Africa