But as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD  (JOSHUA 24:15)
We are often being asked about our service and to make your experience with Limpopo Big Game Safaris a
memorable one, we have some of the most common questions nailed down.

How do I get to your hunting area?
You fly into Johannesburg "OR Tambo International" where you will clear customs . From there you will take a connecting flight to Polokwane where you will meet
your Professional Hunter and drive to the lodge where you will be hunting from.

Will someone meet me at the airport?
Yes; Your Professional Hunter for the duration of your stay will meet you at the airport and drive you to the hunting lodge.

How big is the area, and who owns it?
All our hunting areas are not less than 1500ha and some areas are as big as 45000ha

Is it fenced or unfenced?
Depending on the area you will be hunting, some areas are high fenced and other areas are low fenced hunting areas. But the majority of the concessions are high

Are you fully licensed to guide/outfit in that jurisdiction?
Yes; Limpopo Big Game Safaris is a registered hunting outfitter in South Africa.
We also conducts hunts in Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia. Although not registered, we work hand in had with registered Landowners and Outfitters.

What are your camps like?
All our camps are permanently built. We offer 3* 4* as well as 5* accommodation.

Will there be communication service in camp?
Yes; Our main lodge has a permanent WI-FI system installed that covers the entire lodge as well as your rooms.

How many other hunters will be in camp?
You and your hunting companions will be the only hunters in camp

Who will guide me?
Limpopo Big Game Safaris has personally selected and handpicked all their Professional Hunters and staff. If your Outfitter is not able to guide you, a dedicated,
hard working Professional Hunter will be allocated to guide you throughout your trip.

Do you have recent references?
Yes; please visit the references page on our website for a list of recent hunters.

What are my chances for success?
Hunting is never a sure thing, however, if all aspects of the hunt are in your favour yo should be able to bag most if not all your desired trophies?

Do yo offer rifle rental?
Yes; as part of our service we do offer hunters to use a camp rifle. This service is free of charge however yo will be required to pay for the ammunition that is used.

What is the amount I have to pay for tips to staff and Professional Hunters?
Tips is by no means expected from any hunter. If you feel that your Professional Hunter and our staff has delivered to your expectations you are welcome to give
them something. Please hand any tips to Professional Hunters and staff personally. Please be moderate  as this could set a platform of expectation and Limpopo
Big Game Safaris strongly disagree with expectations.

How long have you hunted this concession?
Limpopo Big Game Safaris has been hunting and guiding professionally since 2007. Since then we have obtained several different farms and concessions to hunt.
Most of these concessions have been under our control since 2007

What is the size of the concessions?
Concessions vary from 1500ha up to 45000ha, depending on the area

Are these private or government concession?
Most of the concessions are privately owned and managed, we also make use of some government concessions depending on the area we hunt.

How is hunting conducted? Walk and stalk? Spot (from a vehicle) and stalk? From blinds (hides)?
Rifle Hunting;
Rifle hunting is done on spot and stalk, we usually drive through an area till we either see the animals we in tend to hunt or we follow fresh tracks
and follow the tracks till the animals are located.
Bow hunting; All or bow hunting is done from strategically placed bow blinds over looking a watering hole or mineral block.

What is the maximum and average length of shot?
It all depends on the terrain you will be hunting.
The average shots are between 50m and 150m where the bush is thicker.
In the mountains you can expect to take shots up to 350m

If I don't want a "package deal", can you tailor a safari to meet my time limit, budget and preferred animals?